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I design accessories for women, men and the home, made of Mexican oilcloth, a type of vinyl. Helping to keep the Latin culture and vintage era style alive, I procure only the finest quality oilcloth from Mexican sources.  I embellish my products with signature style multicolor zigzag stitching, clear pockets filled with bling (including a cereza–Spanish for “cherry”—patch and a pearl for my seamstress Perla), and ergonomic design details. The Cereza Oilcloth Studio collection wipes clean with a damp rag, and all items are lined for extra durability. My 40+ years practical experience in many art mediums makes me uniquely qualified to help you beautify your life and be organized at home, socially, and while traveling seeking new adventures.

Our Mission

Cereza means cherry in Spanish. My name is Sherrie. Mexicans have a hard time pronouncing the “sh” sound in English. Voilà! The name of my business was born. Many of the Mexican oilcloth designs are bright and contain fruit imagery. And what a beautiful visual, to link the name to a deliciously sweet fruit.

A  major tenet of my  philosophy is the importance of removing categories from our already structured  lives.  Cross-cultural  understanding and the combination of the arts, sciences and humanities remove fear and therefore hate. A priority of mine is to look beyond our paradigm and learn about– converse, share,  and partner with– and support my neighbors across the border.

All items are designed to give “a little extra” or lagniappe in Louisiana French, whether it be the extra width or the attached cleaning cloth of my aprons, or the double zipper and lining reinforcement of the Taco Bags. I design items that I, myself, would like to receive. I follow through with open communication lines and attentive customer service.

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